Providencia, Santiago, Chile
10:00 a 18:00 hrs


Choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable and enable your trip to go all over Chile.


Our cars are fully designed and have everything you need for an adventure, and you will be able to park them in the city, they are designed to travel across Chile without any problem.


We have a varied offer of vehicles

We offer campers of different sizes, with automatic or mechanical transmission, 4-wheel drive vehicle or single traction. You can choose your vehicle according to the requirements of the route.

Each one offers you different facilities and levels of comfort according to the experience you wish to have while traveling.


We are experts at making travels

Masai is top number one as Chilean tourism company for adventure in the country. We are known throughout Chile and we know all its roads. Therefore, we especially designed the equipment for our cars to make use of everything you need in order to have a long or small adventure in the destinations all over the country.


Best travel assistance

We know every corner of Chile and its routes. With us, you will have professional assistance to plan your trip the best way. Whether, personalized advice before starting, route planning support, and even telephone support. Whenever you don’t know either turning right or left, we will be there to help.


Masai is a Chilean Tourism Company that has more than 15 years of experience in travels all over the world. In Chile, we conduct an important television program known as “Maravillas del Mundo” (World wonders) which is transmitted via national signal every week.

We are also Masai Travel, , an experienced Travel agency greatly known for adventure destinations. You can head to our website and check our forthcoming trips.

Today, we want to introduce you to our new company Masai Campers. We offer fully equipped rental vehicles designed for travelers, for those who like to sleep in the middle of the forest, in desert destinations, in the middle of mountains, for those who enjoy the outdoors and nature. Our cars are designed for the adventure you imagine.

You can either pick up and return your camper in any place around the country, Chile. Contact us!

Claudio Iturra Jáuregui

CEO Masai